Flor: Modular Flooring for your Home

BACKGROUND: So, I've been in this house for the past 3 years. The house was "flipped". You know, when someone buys a foreclosed, "fixes" it economically and resells it.

Okay. Now somewhere along the lifespan of the house someone installed laminate in the great room. Which I love. The people that flipped it installed cheapo carpeting in the bedrooms. It is a magnet for anything the boys can spill or drop and it stains super easy.

PRESENT: So, for the past three years I have been researching rugs for the great room. Something that dogs/boys/husband wont mess up quickly making the attempt to pull together a room futile. So the other day I was online looking at different retailers when I remembered hearing about Flor. So I typed in the address and whoa....

A rug for every price range, from economical to high-fashion.

A rug for every lifestyle, urban, mod, classic and more.

A rug for every room from heavy traffic to low traffic. Sunrooms, living rooms, hallways or bathrooms.

A rug that fits every room. I mean it! You buy a rug by tile. Tiles may differ in size, but most are around 19.7" x 19.7". So if you buy 12 tiles, you get a 5 x 7 rug. 30 tiles will give you an 8 x 10 rug. But you can buy as many tiles as you need. You can actually install Flor WALL-TO-WALL!

Plus, you can mix and match tiles!

"Hmmm...I'll take 6 Fedora's in Dusty Turquoise and 6 Subtle Shifts in SeaFoam".

If it's too much to take in and you need help, then check out their Rug Kits. These are rugs that Flor designers created using the different carpet tiles available. This is the route I went. I had a few favorite styles, but I finally settled on Patch Me if You Can in Spicy (pictured). I loved the different patterns and colors. I was thinking it would hide dirt and stains pretty well.

But that leads me to another great part. First, you can clean Flor like normal. Flor suggests steam cleaning and dry powder cleaning regularly. But let's say there is a stain. Lift the tile, rinse it, drain, dry and replace. Now, let's say toxic waste spilled on a square and it is damaged beyond repair. Instad of buying a new $150, $100 or $300 rug - you simply REPLACE a $10 or $13 tile. Oh My Goodness! Brilliant!

And I just have to tell you, as I "installed" my Flor rug and realized how simple it was - I realized I had a solution to my sons' bedrooms. My husband and I are already pricing different tiles to fit their rooms wall-to-wall!

Literally, Flor has you covered!

Flor has generously offered a Buzz reader the chance to win Patch Me If You Can - Spicy in 5 x 7. That's the same carpet I have and love. Trust me, once you get it home you will want to do the whole house in this style.

Visit Flor and tell me your favorite rug.

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