ColorMe Company

I recently discovered a cute online store called ColorMe Company. It carries a line of products, ranging from cards to t-shirts and pillowcases to seasonal items that allow children to express their creativity through coloring, while creating personalized keepsakes for friends and family.

Now, at 2 years old, my oldest can't write a thank you note or letter. But he can color! So when we received the blank note card variety pack, it was the perfect opportunity to say hello to the people closest to us. The pack came with four crayons and 4 styles of cards. He colored them, then we mailed them out! Everyone was delighted to get a surprise in the mail from their little loved one! And that it wasn't colored in the lines didn't matter! What mattered was it was unique, creative and a thoughtful.

And ColorMe Company is giving and thoughtful, as well! 10% of their proceeds are donated to children’s charities that you choose through our Charity Choice Program.

Their items are great for parties, holidays, saying thank you, dropping a line, gifts or just a rainy day activity! Each item can be colored and personalized by your little one at home!

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: ColorMe Company


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