Celebrate the Holidays with Mr.Potato Head: Contest & Review

Over the Christmas Holidays, as my hubby and I pondered about what we should get the littlest one, it hit me like a sack of potatoes. Mr. Potato Head! A classic toy, for ages 2 and up, that promotes imaginative play and motor skills!

Santa brought a Mr. Potato Head Silly Suitcase for him. We decided on that Mr. Potato Head, because it had PLENTY of accessories (40 pieces) to mix and match. Plus it came with a potato shaped suitcase to put everything away.

But something happened. My oldest started fighting with the little one over Mr. Potato Head. They both wanted to play at the same time. Now, I try not to buy toys all the time, except for special occasions. But then it occurred to me. A Mr. Potato Head is a GREAT alternative to candy for the upcoming holidays, like Valentines or Easter.

For Valentine's there is the Sweetheart Spud. It comes with a Potato Body and 9 mix 'n match parts: an arrow headpiece, 1 arm with bow, 1 arm with "sweetheart", cupid feet, nose, mouth, eyes and wings.The box cleverly says:
"Any way you mix and match these parts, it adds up to one sweet spud!"
Now let's talk Easter. Instead of a chocolate bunny, how about a Spud Bunny? It comes with a rabbit mouth, bunny ears, bunny slippers, eyes, nose and arms. He has everything he needs to make for a hoppy Easter!

There is even a wonderful Mr. Potato Head to help celebrate the 80th anniversary of PlaySkool - the Celebration Spud. Oh-My-Goodness - this potato is ready to party. When Celebration Spud came to live with us I was SHOCKED. I knew it came with a lot of pieces - 80 in all. But I just wasn't prepared for what it really was when it arrived. You get a Jumbo Potato, a full-size potato, two mini potato heads and a whole array of feet, arms, eyes, mouths, accessories, and more! I honestly think if you are shopping for a child's FIRST Mr. Potato Head, it's the way to go!

And the thing is, Mr. Potato Head does not get boring! You can mix and match so many accessories, it's like you have a new friend each time. Right now my oldest has 2 Mr. Potato Heads talking to each other. One is Sweetheart Spud and the other is Mr. Potato Head dressed like an officer. I wonder if someone is arrested for breaking hearts?

And watching my little one play with it is AMAZING. You can see the concentration on his face as he chooses a piece and decides where to put it on the body. He grasped the concept so quickly and I just feel like this is an educational toy in disguise as it helps him develop his fine motor and thinking skills.

There are almost too many Mr. Potato Heads to list. But I wanted to make you aware of some of my favorites.
Transformers Optimash Prime
Taters of the Lost Ark
Princess Spud
Star Wars Artoo-Potatoo

Mr. Potato Head is available from PlaySkool. It is for ages 2 and up!

TWO lucky Buzz readers will win a Sweetheart Spud for a child they love. I will announce the winner on February 14th.

Visit Playskool and look at the selection of Mr. Potato Heads. Yes, I mentioned a few. But there are SO MANY MORE. Pick a favorite Mr. Potato Head that I have NOT mentioned in this review and leave it's name in a comment.

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Don't own a Mr. Potato Head? Well, it's time for YOU to get imaginative. Find a pineapple, an apple, a roll of toilet paper - anything. Create your own Mr. Something and blog, Facebook, or MySpace it with the link love to PlaySkool and this contest. 3 entries for doing this.

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