Buzzworthy: Kid Safe Ink - CONTEST

I go out with my two boys. A LOT. Sometimes we are in crowded areas. Often you find us at theme parks. And I always worry... what if I lose track of one of my boys? They can't TELL someone my cell phone number.

Or can they?

Thanks to Kid Safe Ink, my boys can show someone my cellphone number without saying a word. Now, I hope I NEVER have to test this completely out. But it is just one more precaution I now take when I go out to the zoo, aquarium or theme park. With summer vacations right around the corner, you can use Kid Safe Ink while traveling on a plane, bus or train. Use it on a cruise. And, did I mention Disney? With thousands of kids milling about, having your cell phone number on your child is a GREAT precaution.

Now, there will always be other methods of getting your number on your child. But I LOVE Kid Safe Tattoos for a number of reasons.

1. Easy to Apply: I took a wet paper towel from a public restroom. I took the protective lining off the tattoo. I placed the tattoo against my child's led, and applied the wet paper towel on the paper backing. 30 - 40 seconds passed and I carefully removed the paper from my child's leg and the tattoo was on. Then I just went on my way and my sons forgot I applied anything on their leg, allowing it to quickly dry. Once dry, it stayed visible on their legs all day!

2. Visible: Yes, I applied the tattoos on their legs, since they were wearing shorts. And every time I looked at them the eye-catching tattoo glared back at me, along with my phone number. The tattoos were bright and colorful. And their fun, old-school tattoo imagery really catches your eye - and the eye of strangers. That's good! Because if your child wanders away somehow, you want a helpful person to spot that tattoo and call you ASAP!

3. Style: I love the old-school style. They look like something Pop-Eye the Sailor would wear! You can choose from a heart, sparrow, anchor, star, customized logo or a combo pack. The heart and sparrow are my favorite though!

4. Easy to Order: To order is SIMPLE! Visit this link, choose your package, type in your phone number(s) for customization. Your phone number will be printed on your tattoo choice, big-bold-perfect. Then wait for your tattoos to arrive.

These tattoos are great for your family, give them to the grandparents if they are watching your kids for a week or so, put them on your child if they are going on a field trip, great for traveling so you don't have any "Home Alone" experiences and great to tuck in your diaper bag and be PREPARED.
The Mom Buzz will tell you again and again these next few months, Kid Safe Ink will help your child find their way back to you when they can't speak for themselves!


Heather from Kid Safe Ink JUST offered one Buzz reader the opportunity to WIN a set of tattoos, in any style they want! I am thrilled that I know ONE reader will have that precaution. I hope many more of you do too!

MANDATORY ENTRY: Visit Kid Safe Ink! Tell me your favorite style!

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Contest Ends March 7th. Please refer to complete contest rules.