Blog Buzz: As They Grow Up

I love how you meet awesome new people through other blogs. Hey, that's why I (try to) do a weekly Blog Buzz! Blogs I've met on this funtastic (yes - FUN-tastic) journey I've been on the past five months. Now, one of the first Blog Buzzes I ever did was Life in a House of Blue. And now she is my PARTNER (in crime?) running a review blog called PlayDate Picks. When I asked Susan who should join our little group, she immediately, without question, said Samantha. And I totally understand why. She is someone you can count on in so many ways! So let me introduce you to ...

As They Grow Up

1. What's your blog about?
My blog offers reviews & giveaways with a little bit of daily life tossed into the mix. I originally started blogging to post the pictures that I take and then I started adding the other stuff around September.

2. Tell us about your family!
I have 2 daughters that are 17 & 13 and a son that is almost 2. I am married to a wonderful guy and have 1 family pet. He is a beagle mix and was a rescue. A little spoiled these days.

3. Do you own any other blogs?
Buzz Side-Note: Samantha says no. But she is 1 of 7 bloggers on the PlayDate Pick team and she is an admin in the forum. So come chat with her, me and the rest of the gang.

4. Favorite post from your blog?
Buzz Side-Note: Samantha's favorite post was an article about her daughter seeing the inauguration.
Angelica is still excited that she was able to go and I am so proud of how she supports what she believes in.

5. What's one piece advice you'd give the bloggers who read this?
Never give up. Keep putting yourself out there and adding a personal touch to whatever you do.

6. What's a must-read blog - besides your own!
Ok. Since she is the one that got me started in all this, I have to say Susan from Life In A House Of Blue.

Buzz Side-Note: Life in a House of Blue? I know that blog? :giggle:
She was buzzed October 31st! Wow...

Anyways, so As Thy Grow Up is a fun blog with lots to share. So check her out, add her to your Twitter and give a Tweet saying you saw her on the Mom Buzz. And you will also find her on Facebook!