Blog Buzz: 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires

I feel like everyone knows Karen. She is everywhere on the blogosphere! Not only does she own 3 Garnets and 2 Sapphires, she also runs:
Now let's learn more about 3 Garnets and 2 Sapphires!

1. What's your blog about?
My blog is a combination of all my interests. The "3 Garnets" are my three children who were all born in the month of January and the "2 Sapphires" are my husband and I whose birthdays are in September. I like to share stories and photos of my family through memes and I even host one of my own called "Silly Monkey Stories". I also blog about being a WAHM, about my store, host Sillymonkeez Giveaways, write product reviews, and promote bloggy events.

2. Do you own any other blogs? List them!
A Blog of Goodies and ABOG Designs

3. Favorite post from your blog?
Karen shares with us what it was like getting family portraits done:
A Ham, a Bull and a Crab

4. What's one piece advice you'd give the bloggers who read this?
I highly recommend not taking on too much. Now that I have 3 blogs, 2 businesses, write paid posts, and try to contribute on, all the enjoyment I use to get from blogging has dwindled. I do not have time to visit all the great blogs on my blog list daily and I miss them terribly.

5. What's a must-read blog - besides your own!
One of my all time favorite blogs to read is Momisodes.

Thank you, Karen! You DO have a lot going on!

To keep up with Karen, be sure to follow her on Twitter! ( And her SillyMonkeez shop is really cool, with breastfeeding tees and even wedding wear! She thought of everything!