Bibzees CONTEST: Even Cool Babies Drool

Have you visited Bibzees yet? It is this awesome online boutique that specializes in fashionable bib/onesie sets for your too-cool-for-drool baby!

These sets were designed by owner Beth, who was tired of putting pastel blue bibs over her son's wicked cool outfits! Why have them dressed in such a cool style if you have to cover it with a white bib adorned by a fuzzy blue bear? And after a massive amount of searching, when Beth DID find a suitable bib, it still didn't coordinate with her son's outfits.

And thus Bibzees were born! Each Bibzees set comes with a bodysuit and two coordinating bibs that have cool graphics that you will LOVE to show off. (My favorite is the Rocker Boy Set - pictured) Why two bibs? That way when one is dirty, drooly or wet, you can just swap it with the other bib. Then pop them all in the wash that night! Oh, and those uber cool graphics are printed using ecofriendly water based ink! (Go Green with Bibzees!)

Bibzees is also your go-to boutique for:

  • Tees
  • Onesies
  • Organics
  • Bibs
  • And awesome sales! $2 for a bib?! $10 for a Bibzees set?! $6 for a cool onesie!?

Beth wants you to remember even cool babies spit up - so visit and find a set for your spitter!

Would you like the opportunity to win a Bibzees set? Beth is offering one reader a set from her shop!

REQUIRED, FIRST ENTRY: Visit Bibzees and tell me your favorite item, other than the Rocker set mentioned/pictured above.

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  • Make a purchase from Bibzees, take advantage of her sale! Let me know what you bought and earn 8 extra entries. (Leave 8 comments)
Contest Ends March 13th at Midnight. Please refer to complete contest rules.