Babymel X2 Diaper Bag : CONTEST

When I had my second son, my first was still a "baby". They were 19 months apart. My situation is quite common. I've seen plenty of women who have are pregnant within months of having their first child. Or moms juggling twins. But is a "typical" diaper bag really going to be functional when you are carrying bottles for two, diapers for two, toys for two, clothes for two. You see where I am going with this right?

That is why Babymel designed the X2. "Twice the Baby, Twice the Bag" they say!

It is a gorgeous diaper bag that can actually be divided into two separate diaper bags. So put items for child #1 on one side and child #2 on the other. At a glance, if one has a dirty diaper, you will be able to pull a clean diaper from the right bag. Or if you are taking one child with you to the pediatrician and leaving the other with grandma, then you can just divide the bag into its two separate "parts" without the need of re-organazing! It's as simple as undoing a snap and adding a strap.

Both bags are fully functional when separated. Each bag has a zip, insulated pocket that will keep bottles and drinks cold (or warm) for 4 - 5 hours. Plus, each bag has an adjustable shoulder strap with a built-in stroller strap so you can attach both bags to a stroller. Each bag also comes with its own changing pad.

The X2 is available in red/black (mine), army/sand and black/black. The fabric is gorgeous, yet tough - made from a durable ripstop material. The retail price is $98.00. There are two front compartments, one with magnetic closure. And each main pocket is large enough to hold items for one child, plus it has a wipe clean lining.

I love mine, since my husband and I often go our separate ways with the kids. He likes to do a "daddy day" with one of them so they get his undivided attention. And I keep the other one with me. So we used to toss items in a tote, but now we are a lot more organized. The oldest gets the black bag. The little one gets the red bag. When Kevin takes one with him to a theme park or outing, he can literally be out the door in a snap.


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