Where to Go?

It's Sunday! So let's do a quick recap. On Thursday Busy Mom and the Mom Buzz listed the last sponsor participating in our New Year's Party. Contests are closing at Midnight on the 15th. Winners will be selected using Random.org on the 16th.

The Mom Buzz will be selecting winners from the contests below - so be sure to get your entries in!

Zoobies Plush Travel Pets
Persnicketea - Get your Me-Time!
Hip-T - for women with low-rise pants!
Silver Dolphin Books - makes reading multidimensional!
Boon, Inc - Do you want Boon in your Bath?
Mia Belle Baby - Children's Couture
Photo Greetings - Custom Photo Greeting Designs

On the 16th, I think I am going to name 1 winner every hour until Happy Hour. So remember to stop by and see if I announce your name! Eek! Exciting, eh? The Mom Buzz will be naming 10 winners!

And don't forget to visit Busy Mom and enter the New Year's Party Sponsors there!