New Year's Party: Zoobies Pets

When I first learned about Zoobies, I thought they were travel-sized pets that could be used as a blanket and pillow. Cool idea. Well, it's better than cool. They are massive, versatile, easy-to-clean, cuddly and perfect for any trip!

First, to see Zoobies in action and learn how BIG they are ...check out this video!

I was AMAZED when Bobo the Baboon first came to our house. He was massive, just over 1/2 the size of Keegan, making Bobo approxiately 16" tall. This makes Bobo so very cuddly and perfect for little kids.

Zoobies are not just plush toys, they also act as a pillow and blanket. First, just undo the Velcro chest straps to flatten him out and make him more pillow like. If you want to access the HUGE (33" x 55") blanket then unzip the bottom and pull it out.

When you are talking about a toddler blanket, you want something that is easy to clean. You know that most plush toys are spot clean only. But, then how do you clean the blanket. Easy! You can unzip the blanket from the Zoobies and throw it in the wash. But when traveling, you can leave it zipped to ensure you don't lose it!

Car rides, hotel stays, trip to Grandma's, vacation, airplane rides...a Zoobies pet is the perfect way to start any of those travels!

The Zoobies collection is HUGE. Choose from either the Safari Collection or Zoo Collection, although you will find some animals in either. One thing to be careful about is that some of these styles vanish quickly. So if you see a must-have Zoobies, grab him quickly before he goes extinct! My favorite is Bobo the Baboon. My husband loved Lencho the Lion. But I would love Rhaxsma for Lochlan.

That's right, Zoobies has RSVP'd for the Mom Buzz and Busy Mom New Year's Party! So one of our readers gets to take home a Zoobies of their very own. For your mandatory entry, visit Zoobies and tell me what your favorite is!

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