New Year's Party: Hip-T's

It seems like every year our jeans and pants are getting lower and lower, which makes it harder than ever to keep our underwear under there. Hip-T's are the stylish way to add layers to your outfit and avoid a game of peek-a-boo with your thong.

So watch this video to learn about a new, hip product that will cover your assets:

All I have to do is walk around the mall and I will see plenty of cleavage...butt-cleavage that is. Whenever a woman bends over in low-rise jeans, you get a peek at her unmentionables as her thong, boy short or bikini bottom rises over the top of her pants. Honestly, at this point I am barely phased by it, whether it happens to me or I see it. But that isn't good enough! I say we make Victoria's Secret a secret again and do our best to cover our unmentionables. Hip-T is here to help.

Simply put, the Hip-T covers your assets. It is a layer of stretchy material that wraps from your hips to your waist. It adds the look of a layer without the bulk or additional heat. Depending on the Hip-T you choose, you can really change the look of your outfit. In the video above I model the Aqua color. But there is a rainbow of colors you can choose from, such as Fuschia, Pink and Burnt Orange. And then you can choose basic colors that match almost every outfit, such as black, white and gray. Plus, Hip-T is available in a basic hem, lace and funky patterns!

I love how the stretchy material stays put. I can bend, hold a toddler, sit, dance and more and it doesn't budge as it does it's job. Once you buy one, you will easily see why it is a necessity for every woman who owns low-rise jeans.

WIN ONE! And yes, you can even win your own Hip-T to try out! Hip-T has offered 2 readers a chance to win and try out this must-have fashion accessory.

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