Label Lighthouse: A Complete Package & Contest

The other day my sister was quite mad. She went to pick up my niece from dance class and she had a wrong dance shoe! Now, my sister is an organized mom, so Sky's shoes were labeled. But the shoe that Sky mistakenly had was not, so my sister had NO CLUE who they belonged to.

I think lots of moms can learn from my sister. LABEL YOUR ITEMS! (And check the labels, too). And a good place to start labeling is Label Lighthouse.
Dance classes, camps, playgroups ... our kids have so many opportunities to misplace and accidentally exchange items with other children. But Label Lighthouse has a label for EVERYTHING. There are two different package options, with three sizes in each package. Choose between the Super Package or Starter Package:

1. Super Package:120 Stikins™ Labels

  • 48 clothing labels
  • 24 shoe and bag labels
  • 48 micro labels
2. Starter Package: 60 Stikins™ Labels
  • 24 clothing labels
  • 12 shoe and bag labels
  • 24 micro labels
You see the word "Stikins™"? Well, is the exclusive distributor in North America of Stikins™ self-sticking ID labels, high quality durable stick on clothing tag name labels. Stikins™ are:

•High quality durable material
• Washer and dryer safe
• Easy to use, stick on to wash care label
• No iron-on, no sew-on name labels
• Name labels used by thousands of satisfied parents, click Stamp of Approval button for reviews.

Here is what one mom has to say:

I give them a 5 star rating! Finally name labels that I don't have to iron on or sew on and they do stay on in the laundry!
Karen, mother of 3, ON

With summer right around the corner and lots of activities planned, don't lose an item! Win a SUPER PACK of LabelLighthouse Stikins™!

To enter(MANDATORY): Visit Label Lighthouse and tell me one thing about the labels not mentioned in this review.

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Contest Ends January 29th. Please refer to complete rules.