Jishaku: Fun Family Game!

I recently had the opportunity to play Jishaku with my husband. We got a big kick out of it. The rules were simple, the premise was fun, it was full of surprises and it was easy to clean up the pieces - thanks to them all being magnetized!

See, Jishaku is a game comprised of 18 magnetic stones and "force field" game base. There are three different games you can play using the magnets. Our favorite was "I'm Out" where you divvy up the magnetic stones between players. You take turns placing the stones onto the "force field" game base trying NOT to attract other stones. But the more magnetic stones in the base, the more the magnetic forces start taking over and *swoop* everything starts zooming around! It's loads of fun and very surprising!

The other games are "Elimination", where you tally points for all the stones that attach to your played piece, and "Roundup" where you are actually trying to use the magnetic pull to your advantage!

TIPS AND TRICKS: The official Jishaku website has tips & tricks on playing the game. Read them and don't tell your opponent. Mwa-ha-ha!

DID YOU KNOW???: Jishaku is the Japanese word for magnet! Learned something new today, eh?

OVERALL: It's a perfect game for family night or game night with friends!

Keep in mind that this game is suggested for 8 years and older and can be played with 2 or more players!

Jishaku is a PlayDate Pick!