Happy Hour & CONTEST: The Dirty Sue

A Dirty Sue is a little different than a Dirty Martini. Rather than gin and dry vermouth, you use Vodka. And instead of pouring olive brine from the jar, you use DIRTY SUE!

Okay, who is Dirty Sue? Dirty Sue is twice-filtered olive juice brine made from premium olives and comes in an attractive bottle made to be stored alongside other at-home bar staples. You can simply pour the brine from Dirty Sue, instead of the spooning, scooping and handling a jar of olives. Plus, it saves your olive jar brine, so your tasty olives don't rot and go to waste.

Plus, Dirty Sue exposes a "dirty secret" in most bars. I really never thought too much about it, but when the bartender is making your Dirty Martini... how does he get the brine out? Well, John Corbett (Sex & the City) said he lost his appetite for Dirty Martinis when he saw the bartender's hands reach in the jar (ewww) and dump out the brine.
"He might as well have stirred the drink with his fingers."
Okay, now let's get to the GOOD part.

How to make THE DIRTY SUE.

3 Ounces of your favorite Vodka
3/4 Ounce of Dirty Sue

Shake over ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Then add 4 cocktail olives (I added that last part).

Where can you get Dirty Sue to make this yummy drink? Easy, just head over to their website: Dirty Sue! Or you can win a GIFT PACKAGE from Dirty Sue here!

Win 2 bottles of Dirty Sue, 1 bottle of vodka, a t-shirt of choice and some other cool Dirty Sue items here at the Mom Buzz. To enter, leave a comment with a drink recipe that would use Dirty Sue. The recipe cannot already be listed on their website. The two best drink ideas, chosen by Dirty Sue, will win!

C'mon! You all have a little bartender in you! You can enter as many times as you want. Contest ends February 9th at Midnight! Make sure to leave a way of contacting you in the comment.