Happy Hour: Chocolate Martini

I have been delaying posting the chocolate martini recipe. I was afraid once I did, you will never drink anything else again. It is THAT YUMMY! But it is one of my favorites, so here.... try to make it at home.


1.5 shots of Godiva chocolate liqueur
1.5 shots of creme de cacao
.5 shot of vodka
2.5 shots of half and half (I substitute with milk)


Okay, and as you enjoy that Martini, don't forget about the Dirty Sue contest that is going on. Let the vodka sink into your brain and invent a NEW DRINK with Dirty Sue!

Here are the details: DIRTY SUE CONTEST AT THE MOM BUZZ.

Here is the inspiration, a random recipe that has already been submitted. It sounds yummy!:
Dirty Mary (Dirty Sue take on a Bloody Mary by Heather at Grab Bag Reviews)
  • 1.5oz vodka
  • 1/2 cup tomato juice
  • 2tsp Dirty Sue
  • Worcestershire & hot sauce to taste
Mix with ice, garnish with celery stalk or toothpick & olives

Here is the sponsor and the recipes they currently have. You have to come up with something new! The sponsor is deciding on TWO WINNERS!