Flippee: The Toilet Shield

There is a lot going on in the Tale's house. Last November there was word that the Mom Buzz was going to be on television. And supposedly that is still on, but we'll see. My point is, during that time I learned about a lot of cool products, including a Toilet Shield called Flippee. You can hear me chat about it in the video.

Now, as an aunt of a 5 year old and mom of a potty trained toddler, I know what it's like when little boys pee. Messy. That's why potty benches have pee shields - so that when the little boys pee it doesn't shoot around the bathroom!

So, once your son masters peeing in a potty, what do we do to them? We start teaching them to pee standing up! So they went from learning to push their little guy down, to aiming. Sure, you can teach them with cheerios and doo-dads that you put in the potty and the boys aim at them. But some little boys can still be rambunctious pee-ers and forget to aim DOWN. So next thing you know, pee is everywhere and your bathroom smells like a public restroom.

That's where the Flippee comes in. It protects your floor (and walls - stop laughing moms of girls) from "accidents". The Flippee is lightweight and easily attaches to your toilet with suction cups. When in use, flip it up to keep wayward streams from going everywhere. When not in use, flip it down, where it discreetly sits around the base of your toilet. My husband hasn't even noticed it yet! And when it's flipped down, there is a "lip" that catches drips, so it is still protecting your bathroom, even in "storage mode".

Overall, I love it. It's durable, flips up and down easily, prevents pee-spills and limits odors and germs. Plus it is made in the U.S.A.! To learn more about Flippee and purchase one for your boy's bathroom, visit Flippee.com!