FLIP Video: A must-have for moms and bloggers

Do you own a Flip Video? Considering purchasing one for yourself or as a gift?

Well, I am an EXPERIENCED Flip user. I would love to tell you more, but the best way to talk about FLIP Video is... a video shot on a FLIP!

So... watch this short video and learn more.

Okay. You watched it, right? Now here are two things things I wanted to elaborate on - the camcorder options and some accessories.

The original Flip Video is what my mom uses. It takes AA batteries and 1 GB of memory. My husband and I own the Flip Ultra. It also uses AA batteries, has 2 GB of memory and comes in so many colors - like this orange one pictured above. You can also get it in pink, lime, black and white.

There is also the Flip Mino, pocket-sized, designable with a 2 GB memory. And don't forget about the Flip Mino HD - which has a 4 GB memory and a resolution of 1280 x720. The other Flips have a 640 x 480 resolution.

If I was to purchase one today, I would probably choose the Flip Mino HD. Why? Simple - to get higher definition shots! I mean, if you are going to put them on DVD and play them on your television, you want HD! Both Mino's use rechargable Lithium-Ion batteries. But, if HD is not in your budget, the Flip Ultra is still a super way to make sure a camcorder is always on hand to catch life's entertaining moments.


On the video I stumbled. I could not remember the word "tripod". Ha! Well, it is entertaining, at least. But yes, your FLIP Video has a tripod mount. And you can buy a tripod at Flip Video. You can also purchase USB cables, in case your USB port is in a hard to reach place and you are unable to plug your FLIP directly into your computer. And you can also purchase FLASHY skins for your FLIP, as well as gorgeous cases to keep your FLIP warm, cozy and safe. And there is even an UNDERWATER case! You can take your FLIP swimming to get a shot of Flipper, Lochness or maybe Jaws.

Any questions about the FLIP? Just ask!

And all videos on the Mom Buzz are shot using a FLIP Video. Super easy to edit and share!