EarthLust: Cool, Clean Taste

Meet EarthLust. When I first saw this GORGEOUS bottle I thought, "the Mom Buzz readers will LOVE this!"

So I visited the EarthLust, the creators of this STUNNING water bottle to learn more. I was in awe. And I realized that my readers - you guys- will love this more than I could even imagine.

First off, the bottle uses food-grade stainless steel, non-toxic paint and is BPA free. That means, when you put a cold beverage inside, you will only get that same cool beverage when you drink out of the bottle. And just like we got rid of all the BPA bottles and sippies that our children were using, we need to remember to do the same thing for ourselves.

Second, this is GREAT for the environment. I know I have stopped using plastic water bottles for the most part, but carrying around a coffee cup with water (yes, that's what I do) usually ended up with spills in the car or as I was walking holding a kid on either hip. But my bottle (the owl, pictured below) carries 13 ounces of water for me. It has a screw top with a CLIP so I can easily carry it with me or attach it to my diaper bag.

Let's talk size. EarthLust carries its bottles in three sizes. A little person like me finds 13 ounces PERFECT. A monster-sized man, like my husband, would need the 1 Liter bottle. Then there is the one that meets in the middle - the 20 ounce bottles. Just so you know, the 20 ounce and 13 ounce bottles do have optional sports caps for easy drinking.

Finally, let's go back to the appeal of the bottle - the style. Allison, the owner, designed many of them herself using pictures she has taken. But the available designs are always changing, so if you see a must-have bottle - order it! It may not be there when you visit again! Honestly, it was hard to choose a favorite. But the owl speaks to me. What design speaks to you?

Allison was kind enough to let one reader have a stylish EarthLust bottle of their own.

To enter this contest, please visit EarthLust and let me know your favorite style and who you would buy it for?

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