The Diaper Clutch

I love The Diaper Clutch! I have been on the search for a diaper clutch for a while, something to hold my diapers and wipes in an organized fashion. There are so many benefits!
  • Instead of digging in my diaper bag for wipes and dipes, I can find them a lot easier with The Diaper Clutch.
  • Diapers are no longer all scrunched up on the bottom of my bag, along with cracker crumbs, spilled milk and other weird things...
  • I don't need to take the whole diaper bag into a restroom with me, when I need to change the Monster's dipe.
  • If I am running a quick errand with the Monster, why drag the diaper bag? Just grab The Diaper Clutch, run the errand and feel loads lighter!
Now, without a doubt there are other similar contraptions out there. Why did I choose The Diaper Clutch? Simple.
  • Style: There were so many patterns to choose from! Floral, Camo, Japanese, Cartoons ...there is something for EVERYONE. I personally love the Girl Camo, but check out the other styles that are available, too!
  • Size: One of the benefits of a diaper clutch is not having scrunched up diapers. So I didn't want the diaper clutch I choose to do the same thing. But The Diaper Clutch easily holds my Monster's size four dipes, plus a Huggies Wipes Refill Pack.
  • Easy-to-Use: My hands are full when changing Monster's Dipe.So I need to be able to pull out a fresh dipe and wipes easily. Yup! The Diaper Clutch let's me do that. That's because it has a UNIQUE, EASY-ACCESS WINDOW to the wipes! Plus, it's easy to change the Huggies Wipe Refill, too. Just pop it out of the pocket and put a new one in.
  • Craftmanship: Well Made! Sturdy! If it can handle living in my diaper bag, it can handle living in yours!
And The Diaper Clutch holds MORE THAN DIAPERS & WIPES! You can also fit a disposable pad and hand sanitizer in it! It's like a mini, organized diaper bag!

Jealous? Admit it! You want my diaper clutch. Well, SURPRISE! One lucky Mom Buzz reader gets a diaper clutch from The Diaper Clutch!

Win a diaper clutch of your choice, from The Diaper Clutch!

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