Buzzworthy: Nix Tube Socks for Toddlers

I love socks. I bought the cutest little ankle socks for myself the other day. Bright colors and stripes. No boring white for me. But now that I have my size 7.5 (no they did not go up a size after pregnancy) feet covered, what do I do about those 20 other wriggling toes. No, I'm not a mutant mom! I am just looking for stylish socks that stay on my toddlers' feet!

C'mon - you know what I am talking about. You buy a pair of socks from *InsertSuperCenterNameHere*. You put them on your kid's feet. Then they come right off with all that toddler jumping, running, moving and grooving! But that's why Nix All-Star Socks were developed. Fashioned like old-school tube socks, they go up your toddler's calf and stay put! Plus, it's awesome that one size fits most, from shoe size 2 to 7! So that means both my boys can wear these socks. And they do! If you check out the photos, you'll see that the boys are wearing the "bright set" which comes with a pair of blue socks and a pair of red socks.

These socks are made in the USA. They are not so thick that you can't get a shoe over them. And they are not so thin that they unravel in the wash. They are simply perfect. And sure enough, with all the sliding and running the boys did around the house, the Nix All-Star Socks stayed on their feet. I took them off in the end so they could walk up the slide barefoot. (Boys will be boys).

So, the Mom Buzz's final opinion is: Want stylish, bright, well-made socks that stay on your toddler's feet? Look no further than and grab a pair or two today!