As Seen On Daytime

The Mom Buzz was very fortunate to appear on DAYTIME! That's right, I buzzed my best with Cyndi and Dave! I am hoping to get a DVD soon. But try to catch it if you can! Here is the current station line-up with times. And, if anyone can tape this, please let me know! I have a "team" (aka: my sister) trying to tape it and put it on DVD. But, we are not sure whether it will work or not. So, the more the merrier!

Now, here are the wonderful items that I featured on Daytime, which will appear on the 1/20/09 show. And there are even ways to WIN some of these wonderful items!

1. BabyCapes: I buzz about BabyCapes A LOT. They are stylish and available in an assortment of styles and colors. They are SAFE - allowing you to buckle your child directly into a carseat. Buckling your child as they wear a bulky coat actually doesn't allow you to get the straps tight enough. And these coats save you money! Buy one coat and it will last you FOUR YEARS! Forget about buying a coat EVERY YEAR! Learn more here: Baby Capes Official Site

2. Baby Fish Mouth Wear: These are just clever little tees for babies and toddlers. They feature well-known movie lines with a baby twist. I know I love Lochlan's shirt "The First Rule About Daycare..." which is inspired from the movie Fight Club. There are also shirts inspired by Titanic, Star Wars, The Godfather and more. And the signature Popcorn Box is just a HOOT! Learn more here: Baby Fish Mouth Wear.

3. Ruffle Butts: Okay, I don't have a girl so anything with ruffles usually catches my eye. Ruffle Butts are stylish diaper covers available in a rainbow of colors. Plus, you can get CUSTOM EMBROIDERY on the back. Right now is the time to buy RuffleButts for Valentines and St. Patrick's Day. Learn more here: Official RuffleButt's Site.

4. Carolyn's Kitchen: Words that come to mind when I think Carolyn's Kithen's Aprons. Chic, Retro & Vintage. I love the apron that I showed off at Daytime. It was the Dorothy Lime with matching Dish Gloves. Oh-la-la! But there are other HOT options at Carolyn's Kitchen, as well, some with a lot of VALENTINE'S APPEAL!
CONTEST: One lucky reader will get to win a Dorothy Lime apron of their very own! The best part of Carolyn's Kitchen's Apron, is you don't even have to know how to boil an egg to own one! You just have to love looking sexy!

MANDATORY: To win this apron, please leave a comment on the contest post.

Please refer to complete contest rules. And, sorry folks, these are the only extra entries you get for this contest.

5. See Kai Run: There are three characteristics I am looking for when I buy my boys shoes. Healthy Fit, Quality and STYLE! See Kai Run has all of that! With a wide toe box and flexible sole, they are perfect for growing feet. No wonder they are APMA approved. They are sturdy shoes, perfect for my sons to run around in EVERYWHERE and they still look great! And finally, there are SO MANY SHOES TO CHOOSE FROM for boys and girls!

MANDATORY: Enter here to win a pair of shoes from See Kai Run, as seen on Daytime!

Please refer to complete contest rules. And, sorry folks, these are the only extra entries you get for this contest.

6. Plasma Cars: Honestly, I just got my hands on the PlasmaCar over the weekend. It holds up to 220 pounds on a flat surface, is meant for ages 3 to 12, is powered by nothing more than "kid-energy" and is SO MUCH FUN! I ride it after the boys go to bed. And it sits low enough to the ground that my 1 year old scoots around on it. Actually, he and I ride it together even! When I thought about what I should bring to Daytime, I knew in my heart that Cyndi would get the biggest kick out of the PlasmaCar - and she did! But... you have to watch the episode to see what I mean. There will be a more in-depth review of the PlasmaCar to come - so be on the look-out. Go here to visit the official PlasmaCar website.

Behind-the-Scenes: And I just want to say thank you so much to Cyndi, Dave and the rest of the Daytime team. They were warm and welcoming and made my television debut a lot of fun! Plus, it was a blast to see both my niece and Cyndi really enjoy that PlasmaCar! I look forward to buzzing about many new products online and on-air in the future!

Happy Buzzing!

PS: You know, I have no clue how this inauguration thing is going to affect the program!

PPS: Contest ends on the 14th of February, 2009