Zenses for Nintendo DS: Contest

The Mom Buzz has had the opportunity to spread the word on a few games from The Game Factory aimed at children, teens and Tweens. But now we have something for MOM! Introducing Zenses for Nintendo DS.

You don't need to be a hard core gamer to enjoy the line of Zenses games. They are rated E for everyone and perfect for those of us who occasionally pick up a hand held game. Play for three minutes or 3 hours, whatever you have time for! With Zenses you get to enjoy mind stimulating puzzles combined with soothing, ambient soundcapes. One player can play at a time, making it the perfect opportunity to escape the world around you.

Zenses Ocean and Zenses Rainforest are the first two titles in the Zenses series of games made with women 25 years and older in mind. With a clean, fresh and stylish look and a soundtrack that complements the calm and relaxing atmosphere, Zenses offers the modern woman a brand new and fresh experience.

Zenses – Ocean Edition
In Zenses Ocean, players relax themselves playing puzzle games inspired by the movements of the tide, rippling water, riffs and corals, beach vegetation and sea life. An indulgent, soothing experience, Zenses Ocean includes high quality visuals and ambient sounds inspired by the natural sounds of the sea. Enjoy playing puzzles that were created to give you an escape from the stress of every day life.

Zenses- Rainforest Edition
Zenses Rainforest allows players to explore the Amazon while playing games infused with rain drops, exotic flowers, waterfalls and giant trees. This refreshing experience encourages players to recharge their batteries while playing puzzle games.

Zenses includes a high-quality ambient soundtrack. All music from the game will be uploaded to http://www.gamefactorygames.com and will be available to download for free!

Mandatory Entry: Zenses is available at Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon and other nationwide retailers or just $29.99. Or ... you can win BOTH Zenses from the Mom Buzz now! To enter, simply visit Zenses, then tell me who you want Zenses for and why!

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This opportunity was brought to you by the Mom Buzz and The Family Review Network. Contest is open to US residents and ends January 1st at Midnight. Please refer to the complete contest rules from the Mom Buzz.