Tell Me Your Buzz!

Every Monday I do a Buzz Around the Blogosphere at Ohana Mama. But, I could use some help! I know what I think is buzzworthy, but what do YOU think is buzzworthy? I am looking for:
  • Holiday Recipes
  • Holiday Gift Ideas
  • Etsy Shops run by Bloggers or loved by Bloggers
  • Funny Stories, Moments, Posts, Pictures
  • Blog Redesigns
  • Memes
  • New Blogs

I know y'all have them. So help me FIND THEM. See Mr.Linky below. Put the permalink of any of those items there. If it's buzzworthy, I want to see it! It can be from your blog, a friend's blog, something you saw in passing. And I will be doing this EVERY SATURDAY from now on. So if you have a super post during the week, remember to stop by the following Saturday and leave me that permalink!

Thank you and HAPPY BUZZING!