Precious Girls Club: Review & Give-Away

There is now a safe, virtual place for little girls to play online - the Precious Girls Club. This online environment is brought to us by the creators of Precious Moments and intended for little girls ranging from as young as four all the way to the tween years of 12.

At the Precious Girls Club, (PGC) girls can create characters, decorate rooms, explore, socialize, play games and "shop" using points they earn on the site. Unlike many video games, where you score when you hurt someone, PGC games reward players for being helpful, kind, loving, responsible and caring! Want to check it out for yourself? Then, I have a surprise for you! Go log onto Precious Girls Club right now and enter this code: 8137-KTQ1-NZCG. You will get one month free of the premium Rainbow Membership. There, your little girl will have access to exclusive games, quizzes and crafts! I logged on to see what it was like and was able to make my own character, choosing hair color, skin color and clothes! It did load a little slow, but it might have just been my computer.

There are also products that complement the web site, such as books, bracelets and plush toys. I received some of these items to review (and give-away). The book I received was A Little Bit of Faith by Cindy Kenney. It is for ages 6 to 10. This book explains how the Precious Girls Club was actually started by the new girl in town, Katie Bennet. It has wonderful illustrations throughout the story and after reading the first few pages I was already captivated. It is definitely pre-Baby Sitters Club. I could totally see reading this when I was younger.

I also got an up close look at a plush Patches, which is Katie's dog in the story. He is adorable and travel-sized at 6 x 4 x 7 inches. His nose is sewn on and his eyes are embroidered on, so no choking hazards if you have little ones in the house.

Of course, since the series emphasizes friendships, they sent a package which contains three friendship bracelets. They are not like the ones I used to make, these being thicker and with interesting braided patterns. I bet it has three per package so a little girl can keep one for herself and pass the other two to her BFFs.

Finally, I received a Precious Girls Charm Bracelet and extra charm! The charm bracelet comes with a charm on it already, this one having a rainbow. Precious Girl Club members wear these charm bracelets as a reminder that God made us all precious. The extra charm I received was a bear which was "comforting", since "everyone needs a hug". I wonder what the other charms are! I can see how collecting them might become slightly addictive!

Online Chat: PGC members can only communicate with other members. And, girls "talk" using sentences and questions pre-written by Precious Girls Club.

Monitoring: Mothers can participate in their daughters' online activities. From your own page on the PGC website, you can email from the "real" world to your daughter's "virtual laptop" in her Precious Girls Club room.

Other PGC items include:
  • storybooks
  • charms and charm bracelets
  • music CDs
  • figurines
  • water globes, and
  • plush toys

And, every product purchase comes with an access code for upgrading your daughter's PGC membership.

Sounds cool, right? Well, now you have the opportunity to win EVERYTHING I talked about. Patches the plush dog, the friendship bracelets, the book A Little Bit of Faith, the Charm bracelet with the extra bear charm and a tote to hold it all these goodies in!

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Contest ends December 17th at Midnight. Please refer to the contest page for complete contest rules.