Playtime with Zeebu

A couple of weeks ago I featured a series of articles that touched on the subject of autism. We met The Schaeffer Family. Marytara did a review on a popular book by Jenny McCarthy, called "Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism". Maryann provided information about the GFCF diet and it's benefits for her son Matthew. And finally I featured a great baby log book, where proceeds go to Autism Research. So it just seemed to be meant-to-be when I immediately learned about a product designed for children who are diagnosed with Autism, PDD-NOS, Aspergers, Nonverbal learning disorders, ADD/ADHD, Developmental Delays and ASD - it was Playtime with Zeebu.

After communicating with the owners, they were kind enough to send a copy to Maryann to try with her son. And I have to say I was OVERJOYED when I learned that both Matthew and Maryann loved it! I have to say, those names and initials that I threw out up there - ADD, ADHS, Autism, PDD-NOS ... I am just hearing them more and more, and I imagine you all are too. Whether it be a niece, nephew, son, cousin or friend, it is encouraging to learn there are products out there that you can buy that make a difference. So please, read Maryann's review of Playtime with Zeebu and leave a comment with your thoughts.

So many of you were really touched by her article about her story and the GFCF diet, I am positive you will love to read her review, as well.

Visit: Playtime With Zeebu Review by Maryann at Matthew's Puzzle