Picture People: Part Duh

Okay, this is to catch you up on the THIRD reason I am mad with the Picture People. You can read the first post here: Picture People: No Santa Today. This e-mail, which I suppose is meant to smooth things over with an angry customer, just PROVES they don't care about the customer. They must get one common complaint during the holiday season, that they run behind on sessions. But that was not my complaint! My complaint was that they would book a session incorrectly and not call to confirm or cancel. I booked an appointment to see Santa. They told me Santa was available, then suddenly he wasn't when I arrive. What do I get when I e-mail a complaint to customer service, a form e-mail telling me to be patient over the holidays.

Picture People - honestly your deals aren't so good. No sitting fee, but sheets cost an arm and a leg. I'd rather go to Sadies for those prices. Actually, I am. I'll share those photos later.

Here is the e-mail I received. As you can tell, it has NOTHING to do with my issue.

CustomerRelations@picturepeople.com wrote:

Dear Ms. Tales,

Thank you for your interest in The Picture People's products and services.

Unfortunately, during the holiday season Picture People studios are understandably busier than normal. Please understand we are in the midst of the holiday season. While we try to accommodate each customers individual needs within our session timelines, that sometimes unfortunately means running into someone else's session. I would hope that they are giving you the same consideration.

While studios are making appointments, it is never the intention to run behind.

Thank you,

The Picture People


Thoughts? Experiences? Where do you like to go for holiday or family pictures and why? Because I am DONE with Picture People.