Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism

After being introduced to The Schaeffer Family, I realized I wanted to provide more information on autism and the resources available to parents. I found out that an Epinions friend, marytara, did a review on a popular book by Jenny McCarthy, called "Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism". You can read her full review on Epinions, this is just a large excerpt. I had so much trouble cutting it down! Marytara also wrote a review on Jenny McCarthy's book Mother Warriors: A Nation of Parents Healing Autism Against All Odds. Here is marytara's thoughts on Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism.

Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism chronicles Jenny's story... or rather, Evan's Story, and their journey through the nightmare called Autism. Louder Than Words begins with a preface and an introduction written by two of Jenny's doctors singing her praises before we get to read about Evan's tale. Evan's journey begins with Jenny finding her son seizing in his crib. Her son appears to have a seizure disorder of some kind and the doctor's misdiagnose him as Epileptic. Jenny believes based on her "mommy instinct" that something else is going on and to find out what it is. After a series of "meeting the right person at the right time" she eventually gets to a neurologist who gives her son the Autism diagnosis. Jenny's message throughout the book talks about listening to your inner voice and trusting your mommy instinct.

Jenny talks about how there is no "Welcome to Autism" brochure and how she has taken that on herself to be a voice. She concludes her book with a 5 page section called the "What to do Pamphlet". If you just want to read her stance on Autism and her advice for parents of children with Autism then you can skip the whole book and read just the last 5 pages. You'll be spared her gripping story and her gratuitous use of the "F" word, and you just might thank me for it.

If you do want to read from start to finish about Jenny McCarthy and how she has "cured" her son of Autism (maybe just maybe.. if she did it, then you can do it too) then Louder Than Words is a book for you. I read it start to finish in about 3 hours. Despite the fact that she curses a lot, her message is one of hope and healing. In fact, many of the experiences she spoke about with Evan were ones that I could very much relate to myself being a parent of a child with Autism. She speaks very candidly about what its like to watch other parents and "typical children" and how you lose friends, or push friends away. And she talks about the effect that Autism had on her marriage. Families with Autism have a very high divorce rate - almost 80% of marriages with a child with Autism end in divorce.

But just how did she cure her son's Autism when Autism has no known cure and no one knows the exact cause of Autism?

Warning! Warning! Warning! Jenny asserts that there IS a link between vaccines and Autism and that her son's autism was caused by it. The autism/vaccine debate is a subject that the autism and medical communities remains divided on and Jenny's stance is a controversial one.

In her book, Jenny McCarthy shares everything she did with Evan and how she "got a degree from the University of Google" because she had to do so much research on her own. Jenny claims that her son's journey toward recovery truly began when she found on a website the words "Autism is Reversible". She then set forward on a path to 'curing' her son's autism.

She did this through bio-medical practices including the GFCF (gluten free casein free) diet, B12 injections, supplements and the assistance of a DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) doctor. Evan also received ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and intensive speech therapy simultaneous with Jenny trying biomedical approaches but the majority of this book focuses much more on the biomedical aspect.

To read the rest of marytara's thought , please visit her Epinion review here: Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism.

It's honestly an excellent review. I am interested to hear feedback from other parents who have read this book. Have you tried the methods that Jenny tried? Was there any success?

Plus, you can read more about Marytara at the Bon Bon Gazette, where she shares her thoughts, photos, vents, triumphs and her daily life adventures in autism, gfcf diet reviews, one gluten casein free autistic wonderkid and his neurotypical "going dairy-free" diva sister.

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