Lego City Police Headquarters: Review & Contest

How many toys can keep your child busy for 7+ hours STRAIGHT? I can't even begin to guess. But yesterday, starting at 11am until 6 pm Keegan and I were enveloped in Lego word thanks to Lego City Police Headquarters. He actually played until bedtime. He didn't nap, he didn't want to eat, he took ONE potty break. I know, sounds obsessive, but that was how enthralled he was by it. And the minute he woke up this morning, he came to my room and asked to play Lego.

Lego City Police Headquarters are the small Legos, for ages 6 to 12 years. So we had to work on this project on a table and when Lochlan was asleep to avoid Lochlan eating pieces. It took me a better part of the day to build it. But Lego provides directions per section and all Legos are in different bags depending on the section you are building. So it's not like you dump thousands of tiny Lego pieces at once to sift through, instead it's very organized. We started by building the police motorcycle, then the police car, finally the k-9 unit. They have a K-9 unit! Unbelievable. So those kept Keegan entertained while I worked on the cells, police headquarters, offices, lookout towers and more.

It's been years since I played with these type of Legos. I am talking 20+ years, people. I have a foggy memory building something space related in the patio. But I definitely don't remember this attention to detail. There are pottys in the inmates cell, a water cooler for the officers, little mugs, a coffee maker, mailbox with mail, computer monitor and more. And so many things, once you put them together, move! The garage door slides up and down, the monitor swivels back and forth, the wheels on the car go, the satellite towers move as do the search lights. And it's beyond innovative. One section that you put together allows the back of the cells to pop off, for a prison break and/or easy access to the cells. Super clever and amazing!

I would probably adhere to the age limit to avoid choking issues. But I have to say, Keegan is two and this has just bumped to the top of his play list. He loves making the 7 Lego men interact in this new world. But he needs a lot of help from me. And we will never be able to put this on the ground to play until Lochlan ages another 1.5 years - and you know I am in no rush for that to happen.

The short list, here is what the Police Headquarters set includes:
  • Police headquarters, prison K-9 unit, car and motorcycle!
  • 5 policeman, 2 prisoners and a police dog, plus lots of accessories!
  • Gates that open, spotlights on roof, command base tower, garage doors that slide open and more!
  • 2 prison cells with toilets and beds, keys hanging outside the prison cells, and even handcuffs to put on the prisoners!
  • Police Headquarters has rooms for interrogation, a coffee break, computer work, and a refrigerator with water cooler!
Want it? You can buy Lego at Toys R Us, Target and online. You can also try to win your own Police Headquarters here!

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