Jolly Crafts: Owl Softie

As part of Jolly Mom's Make Something Monday, Piera showed off an owl softie. It is adorable, as you can tell from this collage.

Now, do you want to know HOW she did it? Here are her instructions!

What You Need:
  • Fabric
  • Felt
  • Needle & Thread
  • Polyfill for stuffing
  • Iron
  • Hot Glue or Embroidery Floss
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine Optional
1. Cut out the templates.

2. Iron your fabric.

3. Pin the cut out owl body template on your fabric and trace around the template. Remove the pins and template and cut out your fabric. It is easier if you double the fabric so that you only have to cut once and both sides are cut exactly the same. Make sure you pin both layers before cutting so that the fabric does not move.

4. Place your fabric with right sides facing each other and sew around the owl leaving the bottom of the owl open (this is where you will stuff the owland attach the feet). Sew about 1/2 in to 1 in in from the side.

5. Turn the owl right side out.

6. Pin the cut out feet template on your felt and trace around the template. Remove the pins and template from the felt BUT DO NOT CUT the felt yet! You will do this twice so that your owl has two feet. Again, it is easier to double the felt before you cut. Make sure you pin both layers before cutting so that the felt stays in place

7. Without cutting the felt, sew ON the line that you traced for the feet.

8. When you are done sewing both feet, take your scissors and cut out the feet. Cut as close to the thread as you can but make sure that you do NOT cut through what you just sewed.

9. Stuff the owl body with polyfill. Use a knitting needle or pencil to get the stuffing to the ears. Make sure you tear the polyfill into small pieces before stuffing so that your owl isn’t lumpy.

10. Place the feet into the owl opening. Make sure they are placed how you want them and that they hang even. Pin them into place so that they do not move while you sew them on.

11. With a needle and thread, sew along the opening until it is closed.

12. Cut out eyes and nose from felt. I just freehanded some ovals and circles for the eyes and a triangle for the nose.

13. To attach the eyes and nose, you can either use hot glue them, stitch witchery, or use a bit of embroidery floss to sew them on.

To see full-size images of Piera's templates, please just click on the image.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!
Piera Jolly

Thanks, Piera! Super cute! Make sure you don't miss what Piera, the Jolly Mom, comes up with next! Check out her Make Something Monday Meme...every Monday!