Health Buzz: Elective Induction, Vaginal Birth

When I was pregnant with both boys, I read a lot of birth stories. To tell you the truth, I think BTDT moms like to scare the newbies a little bit! Or maybe the scary stories just stand out a lot more than, "Everything went great!" stories. From where I stand, yes ... giving birth is a major life event that involves pushing, pain and blood. But it's not so bad!

One type of birth that gets a lot of bad rap is the elective induction. The common response I hear on forums is that they often end up in C-Sections or the labor progresses so quickly that it is more painful than a typical birth. Honestly, if this is your first birth...what are you comparing this "more painful" feeling to?

The birth of my first son was tiring and painful. Lochlan, since he was due around Christmas, was an elective induction to ensure that my obgyn was able to deliver and that he not be born on Christmas Day. It was a big decision, but it made everything so much easier in the end. So for today's health buzz I am sharing with you a GREAT elective induction story.

Lochlan was scheduled to be induced at 39 weeks, 2 days. I arrived at the hospital at 7 am. They started the IV and pitocin at 8 am. I was around 1.5 com dilated and 70 percent effaced. I started having PAINLESS contractions 5 minutes apart. Around 10 am the doctor broke my water and upped the pitocin. Around 11 am I started feeling crampy. The nurse asked if I wanted an epidural, but it wasn't too bad yet so I requested that we wait a little longer.

At noon, my dad (he came for the show - he likes when I swear) and my husband were kicked out of the room. They were making too many jokes that were not as funny as they thought. (I smile as I type this, they really are good company. I was in LABOR though and starting to get moody with the cramps.) Thirty minutes after they left I decided the pain was increasing rapidly so I requested the epidural.

Now, it is good for all pregnant women to know that when you request it, it doesn't come minutes later. I asked for it at 1pm and it took an hour for them to pump me with fluids and get the anasthesiologist. I was 4 cm dilated. Contractions were STILL 5 minutes apart, but I had to really work to breathe through them. It took the anasthesiologist 30 minutes to insert and start the epidural. So, it was in place around 2:30 or 3pm. From then on it was heaven.

I quickly progressed. My doctor had actually LEFT because she had to run to another hospital for a patient who went to the WRONG hospital. And mind you, my doctor was due herself in 2 weeks! But, I got word that my doctor was on the way back. I told the nurse that I felt the baby in the birth canal and needed to push. She told me that it was just a contraction. (Listen lady, I've done this before!) She took a peek and said, "Don't push, Don't push!" He was right there! So I resisted the urge to push, my doctor comes into the room, 1 push and out comes Lochlan's head. A second push brings out the rest of Lochlan.

I have to tell you, this labor went so quickly that his head was perfect! And it was definitely less tiring and painful then Keegan's birth story.

So, if you are researching whether an elective induction is right for you - I hope you find my story. It can be very peaceful, if you leave your dad at home. (Haha)