Got to Love Hubby and Today's Updates

When the wife is sick in bed, the hubby posts sick pictures on the Mom Buzz. Okay, I think I am done, but last night Lochlan was sick in his bed. That's great to wake up to. And Keegan is clingy. But I HAVE to post stuff today. So let me just tell you what's coming up and what to look for during naptimes and such.

1. An AWESOME Lego Review. It was s much fun for me and Keegan! If you have a little one that loves to build, this will rock. And I have one to give-away too! So....that might be up first.


2. Babies 'R Us is having a super sale tomorrow! I will post full details. Plus, there is buzz about an Amy Coe give-away. *gasp* So don't miss out!


3. Happy Hour at 3. I know I need it.