Buzzworthy Review & Contest: Skin MD

I am serious about sun protection. Not so much when I was younger, but being a mom it's different now. I want to keep my kids healthy and protected, as well as myself.

Now, at 30 years of age my skin has seen better days. So a lotion that can heal dry skin, while protecting is a plus. But one of my biggest issues with many sunscreens and lotions is how GREASY they are. Greasy residue means you attract sticky sand, dirt and what-not onto your skin. So when I had the opportunity to try Skin MD, I was pleased that it dries quickly and is not greasy.

Skin MD is natural skin care, a shielding lotion that is SPF 15. It both enhances your skin and protects it simultaneously. The smell is pleasant too. It has a "beachy" scent to it at first, which quickly wears away within minutes. The white lotion comes in a squeeze bottle and it easily comes out with a just a little pressure. You then apply the lotion liberally on your face, hands and body.

I have sensitive skin, so I usually don't apply products to my face. But I decided to try Skin MD and was super pleased! Not greasy, no clogged pores and no reaction.

Skin MD suggests reapplying after swimming or sweating. This skin care product comes in a 4 ounce container and is only available in SPF 15. So, perfect for day-to-day wear. You might want something stonger if you are on the beach in Florida or Hawaii.

Skin MD is dermatology tested, fragrance and colorant free, paraban free and hypoallergenic. The active ingredients are Octinoxate, Octisalate and Homosalate. It also contains Aloe Vera.

This lotion is not suggested for babies 6 months and younger, which is the industry norm. Always talk to your pediatrician about sun protection for babies, though, because my pediatrician did approve sun lotion use for Lochlan when he was 4 months old. They wanted him to use it because it was "summer" in Florida. (Isn't it almost always summer in Florida?)

So, I think Skin MD is a wonderful part of your daily skin care routine. Would you like a 4 ounce bottle to tuck in your purse or diaper bag? Well, you can purchase it at many local retailers...or you can win a bottle here! Here is how you can enter.

Visit the Skin MD Store Locator, then leave a comment letting me know how many locations near you sell it. For example, I have three locations by me.

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