Buzzworthy: Mommy and Womb Sounds Bears

Just before Keegan was born, my husband bought him the Dex Womb Sounds Bear. It was a brown bear with short wavy fur that had a classic look. It was simple to use. Pretty much, when you turned a knob it sounded like a muffled heartbeat was emitting from the bear's belly. That is similar to the sound a baby hears in utero. Making it part of our bedtime routine was an awesome idea. We'd play, bathe, drink a bottle, rock and then he'd go to bed with his bear, listening to the rhythmic heartbeat. He would go to sleep quickly. And as he got older, he started turning the bear on by himself in the middle of the night or early morning to lull himself back to sleep.

Fast forward 19 months later. I am about to have Lochlan. I search high and low for the cute Womb Bear but all I am finding is Mommy Bear. They are both Dex Products, so I check it out online at, and sure enough the Womb Bear and a Mommy Bear are two separate products. Dex used to have different styles, but they are no longer available as per their web site. From what I can tell, the Mommy Bear and Wombs Sounds Bear have the same purpose, even the same soundbox - but they are two different styles. So I register for Mommy Bear and was lucky enough to receive it as a gift at my baby shower for Lochlan.

The Mommy Bear is a golden yellow color, with embroidered eyes and nose. That is a major safety feature, since you do not want any small parts that can fall off and become choking hazards. And Lochlan does suck and gnaw on this bear's nose.

The bears are recommended for ages 0 - 24 months. Although, Keeg (2.5 years) still sleeps with his bear. On the back of the bear is a pocket that is Velcro'd close. Inside the pocket is where you will find the soundbox. The Soundbox takes 2 AA batteries. You have to unscrew the soundbox to change the batteries. The lifespan is a few months. When the bear starts sounding "rattley" change the batteries to hear a good strong heartbeat again. The sound box uses a knob that you twist to turn on, and the more you twist the louder it gets. The battery saver feature of this soundbox has it turn off in 40 minutes. I find that is long enough for both boys to fall asleep. The bear also has Velcro straps on the back, you can use it to attach the bear to the outside of the crib, or on the top railing, so that it is not a smothering risk. I always kept the bear's in the crib, so they can hear the bear's heartbeat loud and clear.

The Mommy Bear and all other Dex Products have a lifetime guarantee. Dex Products will replace or repair any part that is defect or malfunctioning during the effective life of the product. You will need proof of purchase and a receipt, though. If you have questions for Dex Products you can reach them:
Dex Products, Inc.
602-A Stone Road
Benicia, CA 94510

Even though Dex Products is a California Company, the bear is made in China. Like Pooh Bear, he is stuffed with fluff. Polyester Fibers, to be exact. To wash, only wipe down the surface and remove the soundbox before washing.

Remember, the bears aren't "magic" - but if used consistently with your bedtime routine, your baby should associate it with sleep, helping them go to sleep faster and happier. And as they get older and learn to turn it on themselves, they can self-soothe with the bear with a twist of the knob. Plus, this bear travels easily. Bring it to a hotel, on a plane, to grandma's, to a hospital, wherever they may be spending the night and the bear will be the comfort of home. We bring ours on vacation often.

I recommend the Dex Bears to everyone with a baby. I have bought the Dex Mommy Bear as a gift for two other moms-to-be. This is not a magic cure for sleep. But it is a tool that will assist in making bedtime easier and more comforting. This bear is a cuddly, wonderful addition to every baby and toddler's bedtime routine.