Buzzworthy: Gift Elephant

I was recently introduced to an awesome site for busy (or forgetful) moms and dads - Gift Elephant.

This site was created by a husband and wife team when they realized they were having trouble remembering what they had given their 9 nieces and nephews throughout the years for birthdays and holidays. When they mentioned the idea of a site that tracks everything for you (and is 100% FREE) to friends and family, they realized they could fulfill a definite need. They named it "Gift Elephant", because elephants have stellar memories and strong family bonds.

Personally, I think it will make regifting easier. (Yes, I regift when appropriate). Just imagine, you get a vase as a wedding gift. Then you want to regift it, but not to the same person that gave it to you! Check Gift Elephant! But honestly, it can help you track baby shower gifts, birthday gifts, wedding presents, holiday presents and more. Plus, it has a Thank You Note Manager and new features are in the works!

  • Keep track of gifts you've given ("Didn't I buy Jon a sweater for his birthday two years ago?")
  • Remember who gave what for your wedding, birthday, holidays, shower, etc.
  • Jot down gift ideas ("Is my niece or my nephew the Harry Potter fan?")
  • Set up reminders for any gift-giving occasion
  • Manage thank you notes you haven't sent
Gift Elephant is totally free and simple to use. The only thing that would make it better was if I started using it YEARS AGO! But, you can help give your children a head start by creating accounts for them to keep track through the years of who gave them what.

And why is such a wonderful tool FREE? Well, creator Mark Jaffe says:
We'd rather people save their money for buying gifts.
How awesome is that? So, go check out Gift Elephant and discover how you can make it work for you this Christmas!