Buzzworthy: Dapper Snappers

It's toddler time at the local library. As Keegan jumps up and down to "shake your sillies out" his Gap jeans go lower and lower showing off his Diego underpants. Sure, it's cute and the moms get a chuckle. But hiking up his pants with every jump, wiggle and shake can get a little tiring when all your toddler wants to do is groove and move. And I know I am not the only mom with this problem.

Toddlers come in so many shapes and sizes, when you try to accommodate length, you usually add an extra inch to the waistband, an inch many of our toddlers don't need. Or you might have a kid like Keegan - short and very skinny. He is 33 inches, 25 pounds and 2.5 years old. There aren't too many shorts and pants that fit that tiny waist of his.

So, when I heard about Dapper Snappers, I was super excited. The concept is similar to the Carters Adjustable Waist Pants. You know, that little bit of elastic inside Carter's pants that you can button tighter. That's great...if your child is wearing Carters. But we have more than that brand in Keeg's closet and the Dapper Snapper allows him to wear all of his pants.

All you have to do is loop a Dapper Snapper through the belt buckles on the back of the pants. There are two snap options there, so you can get it as snug as needed. The elastic band tightens the pants allowing them to stay where they belong, on your toddlers behind! Plus, when you change pants, just move the Dapper Snapper to the new outfit. All you really need is 2 or 3 Dapper Snappers in colors that best match your toddlers outfits and your toddler is ready to play!

What I love about Dapper Snappers is that once they are on, you really can't tell you added something "different" to the outfit. They blend right in! But, if you want to accessorize the Dapper Snapper, you have that option with cute Snapcessories, hand made felt and rhinestone embellishments by Serindipity Designs. There are basketballs, bears, frogs, flowers and more!

So, if you want to help your toddler jump his jiggles out, while his pants stay in place, consider adding Dapper Snappers to your mommy-knows-best arsenal.