Book Review: Are You Grumpy Santa?

A few weeks ago I borrowed Are You Grumpy Santa from my local library for the boys. Keegan LOVED it. He loves anything with a big, jolly man in a red coat!

"Santa," he exclaimed, as he listened to the story and saw a grumpy Santa on every page. There was Santa stubbing his toe, Elves doing laundry, Santa in boxers with hearts on them, Santa being chased by bulls and bumping into a cactus (an Arizona Christmas Tree). The illustrations boldly colored, funny, full page and easily recognizable by toddlers.

Now, as I read the story, I recognized the grumpy Santa...but I could not quite place him. Leave it to my quirky husband to recognize Santa from a JibJab production. JibJab produces short animations online for adults - not kids. He said the grumpy Santa was adapted from a Grumpy, Perverted Santa. But no fear, the grumpy Santa in this children's story is very kid friendly and appropriate.

The story is about one day when Santa was not his jolly self. EVERYTHING was going wrong. Falling out of bed, stubbing his toe, cold shower, diet food, itchy Santa coat, snow storm, dogs chasing him, slipping on noodles and more. But at the very last house he spies something. A note and cookies for Santa. And he loses his grumpies as he realizes how appreciated he is by children for the hard work he does.

The story is not just for kids - it is also humorous for adults. My husband likes reading it at night to Keegan. The text is fun and fast-paced, as Santa goes through one disaster to the next.

Overall, the whole family really enjoyed the story and I was sad to let this book go.

The book is hard cover and suggested for ages 3 to 8. But my husband is 29 and my toddler is 2 and they both enjoyed it. The suggested retail price of Are You Grumpy Santa is $15.99. Text and Illustrations are copyrighted (2003) by JibJab Media Inc. It is published by Hyperion Childrens Books. The ISBN is 0-7868-1841-7.