Blogger Buzz: Busy Mom

Today's Blogger Buzz is Busy Mom. What a mouthful that is to say! I really took notice of her FABULOUS site back in October. She has such a professional touch to her reviews, while still adding in a great mix of the personal so you really get to know the mom behind the blog. Now, you can get to know her a little better too!

Tell me a little about Busy Mom.
Busy Mom is a site to help make all Busy Mom's lives easier. We have tips, recipes, product and site reviews, boutique and blog listings, and contests! We are also going to have a few feature bloggers write about "going green," "crafty things," among others.

Do you have a favorite post?
I love all my contests! I wish I could enter them!

Do you have advice for Busy Mom and The Mom Buzz readers?
One piece of advice I would give to my readers is: You are a busy mom, but don't forget about yourself! In the future we are planning to have "me time," prizes which would be products just for moms, like: purses, gift certificates, chocolates, shoes, clothes, spa treatments, etc.

What's a must-read blog...besides Busy Mom?
A must read blog is a site that has all the information you are looking for and more. It all depends on the topic you are looking for. As a mom and blogger, some of my faves are momdot and restored316designs.

Thank you for sharing a little about Busy Mom, Emily! I suggest everyone pop over there if you haven't yet... because Emily and I have a big, fun, fabulous, BUZZWORTHY event planned for all of our readers to kick-start the New Year. Plus, you can follow her on Twitter, so make sure all you Busy Moms add her and don't miss a Busy Mom moment!