Blog Buzz: The Schaeffer Family

Meet The Shaeffer Family. Luci is a mom of two, Adam (6 years old), and Abigail (18 months). As she says, "We are a family living with autism, but we're also so much more." I am really glad she asked to be buzzed on the Mom Buzz, because I think her blog is more relevant than many moms realize. I know that as every boy is born in my family, included extended, autism is always a concern as it seems to be on a rise. And even if a family does not have a child with autism, it might be a relative or friend.

So, please read to learn more about Luci, her family, her blog and her thoughts! Her writing really is beautiful...

1. What's your blog about? Why did you start it?

"I started my blog in May 2008 as a way to chronicle the life and times of my family. My son has autism, and I often write about the joys and troubles the disability brings. My blog also serves as a suggestion box for my friends. "

2. Favorite post from your blog?
"Here are some of my favorite posts. I think they illustrate the good times and bad. I'm sure this list is too long, but it's hard for me to choose."

May I Have This Dance?: Living with a child with autism is like dancing.

When Did You Know?: Were there any signs of autism?

Let's Put People First: My child is not autistic. My child has autism.

We're Out of the Woods: Abby is meeting milestones!

If I Don't Laugh, I'll Cry: Professional Family Photos, the outtakes!

3. Anything else you would like to share?
"This little blog began on a whim, and now it's become a great way for me to express myself. I was never one to keep a journal or read for that matter. Now, I can't get enough of either!"

4. What are your must-read blogs?
"You probably already know about this blog about Audrey Caroline...Bring the Rain. I enjoy reading it because I feel the author is both honest and responsible. While her faith is so strong, she doesn't claim to have all the answers. Even through the most difficult time in her life, she remained a faithful servant.

I also enjoy this blog...the d'angelo family. Christy is a friend of mine but I think anyone would she is one crafty girl! This blog isn't just about her craftiness. She shares the daily goings-on of her family of three. She's a fun person and a good friend.

This is my 3rd suggestion...Her Cup Overfloweth. Among many features, my favorite is the author's Muffin Tin Monday. I think it's a clever idea, and it's so fun to visit other blogs who have adopted the trend."

5. Anything else you would like to share?
"While I started 'blogging' in May, I didn't realize the limitless journey one can take when navigating through the blogging community. I don't know how many people read my blog, but it has been such a joy to maintain. Sometimes I think I need to take a break because I'm having too much fun."

I agree with that last comment, Luci! It's easy to go overboard blogging - it is a release in many ways! And your kids are BEAUTIFUL! I love that photo you sent to be included with this buzz!

And everyone, Luci really motivated me. I asked a blog friend to provide an article for our Health Buzz on Tuesday. Her son has autism, and she found a diet that has really helped him make improvements. And I am going to feature a wonderful log book for babies next week, where proceeds go to Autism Research. If anyone else would like to provide an article or direct me to something I should post on this topic, please just send me a comment or e-mail.