Babycapes: Style, Safety, Comfort & Free Gift

Recently I had an opportunity to get an up-close look at a Brown Sherpa Suede Babycape. Oh.My.God. I can not say enough wonderful things about this replacement for a bulky coat.

First, it is silky and velvety on the outside. The outer layer is amazing. And inside is a cuddly, cushioned layer that is sure to keep your child warm and comfortable on cold days and chilly nights.

Second, it is gorgeous. I loved seeing the brown sherpa suede style in person. This specific coat is going to be modeled on television soon! The model is a 3 year old Costa Rican/ Puerto Rican girl and I know that the color will perfectly complement her olive skin, dark hair and deep brown eyes. But there are other gorgeous colors and styles available at Babycapes!

Sherpa Suede comes in brown, blue, pink and mint green. There is an uber-soft Minky Marshmallow style that is available in pink, blue and green. (I like the green with crossbones) And then the third line is a Minky Cuddle, which is a lighter material that is available in pink and green. If you live in a warmer climate, the Minky Cuddle is perfect for your child.

I love that Babycapes are not only stylish, but are safer for children to wear while in their carseat. When your toddler or baby is wearing a big bulky coat, you are actually strapping their coat in the car seat, not your child!

Here are bytes from National Highway Transportation Authority:

"incorrect tightness of harness and crotch straps among the most common mistakes";

"coats can add a lot of slack, reducing the level of protection in a crash";

"always remove bulky clothing or blankets before you place your child in the seat";

"never place anything thick under the baby, unless the item came
with the car seat originally."
But Babycapes has unique opening in the back that allows you to easily buckle your child, while the Babycape fits over the harness strap of your child's car seat.

One size fits newborn to preschooler, which means there is no need to purchase an expensive new coat each year only to have it last through one season!

When you call Babycapes, ask if they have any styles not listed on their website. When I called I learned that there were some limited quantity styles that would be GORGEOUS for my boys.

Would you LOVE to buy a Babycape for a shorty you love? Well, if you purchase a coat this December, the Mom Buzz readers are privy to a special code that allows them to receive a FREE hat too! Simply type in "Mom Buzz" in the comments section at checkout! Simple!

And if you purchase one, please let me know! We could feature your toddler or child in their Babycape on the Mom Buzz!

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