Who's Naughty? Who's Nice?

This post is inspired by the MomDot Party (Day 7) and sponsored by Sillymonkeez and My Baby Bump.

Who is on the Good List according to Mrs. Claus (aka: the Mom Buzz)?
1. Keegan: For being good at making mischief, while maintaining a look of innocence.

2. Lochlan: For being good at climbing things he shouldn't & having a steadfast attention span that let's him ignore boring rules.

Who is on the bad list?
1. The Neurotic Mom for trying to get me to participate in this mean meme. LMAO. I will post it ... but #2 is why I haven't.
2. Photobucket for telling me I have a network problem everytime I try to upload an image! What network?!?! It's just ME at the Mom Buzz!

Short list. But isn't that what we short-for-time mamas like?

Happy Buzzing!