What's On with Lee!

I'm more of an Internet Surfer and DVD watcher than a TV "buff". So I sent out a plea to help make my site more well-rounded ... and Lee from My Sentiment ExactLee answered the call! She will tell you "What's On" for must-watch tv!

I've always been a TV buff. I choose to pay more attention to Hollywood politics than I do National Politics. Television is my escape, it's my chance to get lost in characters whose lives seem more interesting than my own. I even name my children after television characters. It's sick really. When Erin asked me to contribute to her blog I thought I'd tell you all about "What's On".

Monday night plays host to my current favorite show Chuck on NBC. The storyline behind Chuck, played by Zachary Levi, is that an everyday computer geek who works for the Nerd Herd at Buy More (think Geek Squad at Best Buy) gets all the governments secrets downloaded into his brain and thus becomes a national secret weapon against terror. Two agents are assigned to keep him safe and pursue the criminals that Chuck recognizes from the Intel stored in his overcrowded brain. Agent John Casey, played by Adam Baldwin, is an NSA agent who provides a gruff exterior and dry humor as he works beside Chuck undercover at the Buy More. Sarah Walker, played by Yvonne Strahovski, is a CIA agent who can reveal nothing about her true identity. She is the beauty of the show, working under the cover of being Chucks girlfriend.

Tuesday night brings us to Eli Stone on ABC. When ruthless corporate lawyer Eli Stone, played by Johnny Lee Miller, begins seeing visions (often of musical numbers starring George Michael)he rushes to a doctor to find out he has a brain tumor. These visions soon begin leading him towards cases where everyday people have been wronged by the corporations Stone usually defends. Stone finds himself growing a conscience and decides to take on pro bono cases for these downtrodden clients. When this causes an upset in his law firm drama ensues. Victor Garber and Natasha Henstridge also star.

My other current favorite show is on Wednesday nights and it is Criminal Minds on CBS. A team of FBI agents working for the Behavioral Analysis Unit must think like the criminals in order to track them down. Each week brings us to a new town with a new crime worse than the one before. Watch how the BAU uses psychology and sociology to find their UnSub (unknown subject)and put them behind bars. Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson and Matthew Gray Gubler star in this psychological drama that will have you gripping the edge of your seat.

A new show that has caught my attention is Kath and Kim on NBC Thursday night. Selma Blair and Molly Shannon star in this hilarious sitcom about a mother and daughter who are really only understood by one another. Every week they take us on a journey into hilarity with their love hate relationship and outdated fashion faux pas. I have been watching this show from the beginning and laugh until I can't breathe every week. This is another show like The Office that has been remade for America. Trust me, the comedy translates just fine.

Last but not least on Friday nights I like to recap what I was too busy to watch all week. The Soup with Joel McHale on E! does just that. The Soup is a clip show of the weeks amusing reality, news and talk show happenings. Joel McHale's observational humor is what keeps this show going and keeps me coming back every week.



Thank you, Lee! Maybe I should cough up the cash to get cable? LOL! What do you all think? Do you watch any of these shows? Will you pick up the remote and catch some new ones? Let me know - Lee and I want to hear your thoughts!