Tales Holiday Traditions

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When you get married, it can be HARD to let go of the family traditions you shared with your family and instead adopt or compromise with new family traditions. But I almost think it is a necessity to survive and to keep your marriage healthy. And honestly, once the kids come it is even easier to just create traditions that better fit your new life!

So here are the Tale's Thanksgiving and Christmas Traditions.

If we go to my mom's, I make that sweet potato and marshmallow casserole. I also make cheesy cauliflower and heat up some peas. My husband has to have his peas, and these are not foods my family traditionally has. Then the family gets together at my parent's house. We laugh, drink and play outside. We watch the Macy's Day Parade too!

If we go to the In-Laws I make coquito to hide in the fridge in the garage. I also make sweet potato pie, since that is something the in-laws don't make but I love. Then it's the same with games, chatter and a more formal dinner.

1. Black Friday: Last year we bought a fake tree, because none of the lots had trees I liked. I love that tree! So this year we will take it out of the attic after Thanksgiving dinner and I will drink coquito, play Christmas music and decorate it. I'll also put up the stockings and Kevin will put the lights up over the weekend.

2. Christmas Eve: On Christmas Eve we go to mass with my family. Afterwards,we will go home, watch a Muppets Christmas Carol and bake LOTS of cookies for Santa and the family. Chocolate chip are what we leave for Santa. Sugar cookies for decorating. And mantecaditos because they are just YUMMY and pretty. The kids will go to bed, probably late. And then SANTA COMES!

3. Christmas morning: In the morning we wake up and eat a yummy, sweet breakfast and the kids open gifts. We take our time and enjoy the moments. And LOTS of pictures. Then we visit family. This year we go to my in-laws, where they will have a formal dinner and ham. At my family's house it is a little more chaotic, but still lots of fun!

So that is our tradition, which can always evolve to make the memories bigger and brighter during this wonderful time of year.