Tagged by a Small Town Mommy

I was tagged by Small Town Mommy. I have to reveal EIGHT things about me.

What could y'all possibly want to know now! What more do I have to give!? :smile:

1. I am an obsessive compulsive list maker. Lists. Everywhere. I have lists to keep track of my lists.

2. I like the smell of Pine-Sol. And unlike other cleaners, where I can clean an area and stop. If I start with Pine-Sol I have to clean the whole house with Pine-Sol. I think there is a drug in there to make it addictive.

3. My favorite chocolate is York Peppermint Patty.

4. When I am pregnant, my belly button pops out. Immediately. My belly button knows before a pee-stick.

5. I call pregnancy tests pee-sticks.

6. Instead of asking my son if he has to use the potty, I ask if he has to go "peepeecaca" - all one word. "Do you have to go peepeecaca?"

7. My birthday lands on Thanksgiving this year. So stop by and say hi.

8. I can't sing. It makes my husband's ears bleed when I try.

So that is eight things about me you may not have known. Now,when you play tag don't you tag the people that are closest? So I am going through the last eight people that commented. You poor blogger! No one will ever comment again! LOL! (Seriously, please keep the comments coming!)

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