TaDoodles First Marks B.U.V.

Here is one Crayola item that won't fit in a stocking- the Crayola TaDoodles First Marks B.U.V. The appeal is unmistakable. Three TaDoodles Markers come in a Basic Utility Vehicle (B.U.V.). It has three indentations on either side, perfect for holding the three TaDoodles Markers it comes with, plus THREE more TaDoodles products you may own or purchase separately. It's convenient since TaDoodles products are mostly sold three to a package.

The B.U.V. comes with a Tiger (orange), Penguin (black) and Elephant (blue). These TaDoodles markers share many wonderful characteristics with the other Crayola products I've been chatting about for the past week.

SHAPE: Similar to the TaDoodles crayons, All-In-One Paints and Stampers, they have a wide bottom that is perfect for little hands to grasp. This shape also keeps them from toppling over and accidentally getting marker on the floor, carpet or table. Now, if your toddler chooses to intentionally draw somewhere... at least the marks left behind come off easily with warm, soapy water.

COLORING: Similar to the All-In-One Paints and Triangular Markers, all you have to do is gently push the fuzzy marker heads on the paper to get the ink to start flowing through the pad.

NO CAPS: Just like the Triangular Markers, these guys have NO CAPS. That's one less thing for you to look for! And I know at 18 months Keegan still had trouble removing caps from markers, but this gives your child more freedom to choose colors and scribble at will at their art station.

APPEARANCE: Just like the Easy Stampers, these markers are in the shape of animals (sans hats). The Easy Stampers can be found in the following animal shapes: Horse, Cow, Parrot, Crocodile, Duck and Donkey. The TaDoodles B.U.V. characters only come as a Penguin, Tiger and Elephant. But you can purchase other marker TaDoodles separately in the shape of a Hippo, Chick, Pig, Frog, Dog and Bear. When Keegan first saw these TaDoodles he excitedly named the animals. And when he drops them, he requests them by name.

WASHABLE: The ink from TaDoodles First Marks washes easily off faces and walls with warm, soapy water. Lochlan put that to the test.

EASE OF USE: I mentioned before that Keegan, my small child, had trouble getting a good grasp on TaDoodles wide base until he was around two. At 18 months of age, his hands were very small since he was below the 10th percentile in height. But Lochlan is a larger child and at 11 months he can easily grip the TaDoodles base.

B.U.V: Keegan loves the B.U.V. and quickly added more of his TaDoodles on the other side. Then he gave them all around. So the presentation is fun and helps organize our TaDoodles products a little more!

HOLIDAY IDEA: If you are going to buy TaDoodles First Marks as your child's first marker, consider buying the TaDoodles First Marks B.U.V. for under the tree and adding another 3-pack of TaDoodles products (markers, crayons, stampers or paints) into the stocking. Then the B.U.V. will be complete and you will be able to keep everything organized!

OVERALL: I highly suggest the TaDoodles First Marks as your child's first marker. Just remember, these will color anything! They are not "Crayola Color Wonder" products that only color on certain paper. But this product better allows your child to scribble and learn cause-and-effect from their pressing, pushing and dabbing.

The Crayola TaDoodles First Marks B.U.V. is nontoxic and for ages 18 months and older.