TaDoodle Crayon Buddies

The first crayons I ever bought Keegan were the Crayola Beginnings Tadoodles Crayon Buddies that come three to a pack. The bodies are plastic, big and chunky and have funny faces on them to give them personality with a piece of triangle crayon that comes out the top. They have big eyes, raised eyebrows, pink cheeks and silly grins with their tongues hanging out. The recommended age for use is 12 months and older. I bought it for Keegan as a stocking stuffer when he was 18 months.

I will admit Keegan had problems with them at 18 months. He was just so small! Smaller than your average toddler, since he was in the 3rd percentile for height. So his hand couldn't get a good grip. But now at 2.5 years he can easily grasp all the TaDoodle products! (And he's about the size of an average 18 month old now - honestly, my kid is teeny).

Now, let's look at Lochlan. Lochlan is 11 months old and in the 90th percentile for his age. He is more of your average "toddler". He easily grabs the chunky plastic TaDoodle bottoms with a wide fisted grip and colors (on the wall). So I can easily see adding more of these TaDoodle crayons to his stocking, since he can't get messy with these, like he does with the TaDoodle All-in-One paints.

CRAYON: Only a little of the crayon tip shows at at time, definitely enough to color with! But now we don't have to worry about crayons snapping or paper coming off. I love that about the TaDoodle Crayons. To advance the crayon, simple push downon the top of the TadDoodle and twist the bottom.

SHAPE: The shape helps (average) sized children get a better grip on the crayon, so they can scribble and doodle to their hearts content. And by coloring, your child is developing their gross motor skills!

WASHABLE: Like I said, Lochlan likes to get his little paws on these and draw everywhere! But I can easily clean the mess with a warm, soapy sponge! It comes off so much easier than other markers and waxy crayons!

NONTOXIC: Once again, Lochlan sticks EVERYTHING in his mouth. So I am happy to know that Crayola adheres to all government and industry safety standards. Crayola products are reviewed by independent toxicological evaluation to ensure they are safe, nontoxic and of the highest quality.

DURABLE: The plastic bodies of Crayola TaDoodles are hard and durable. These things get kicked around the house and there is no damage to their bodies. They are as bright and cheerful as when I bought them 11 months ago.

OVERALL: Another stocking stuffer hit! I still believe that Keegan get's the most enjoyment out of the Crayola Easy Stampers and Crayola All-In-One Paints (Read more about that here). But if you are looking for an ink-free, paint-free product, TaDoodle Washable Crayon Buddies are for you!

And yes - I have two more days of Crayola Products to share with you! But they are all wonderful gift ideas with the holidays so close!!!