Reclaim Your Home: Space Saver Ideas

8 cubic feet. That's how much room my fabulous Eddie Bauer high chair takes. Don't get me wrong - I LOVED that thing. It's wooden and sleek. Easy to clean trays. If I had to have a highchair take up room in my open dining room, the Eddie Bauer is my choice. But my house is small. And 8 cubic feet ... heck Keegan and Lochlan combined don't even take up that much room! So I downsized to a space saver highchair and I am so much happier!

Let's face it, having children means having a lot of junk baby and toddler accessories and toys. So what can you do to reclaim some of that valuable living space?

1. In The Kitchen: Space Saver Highchair
Instead of choosing a traditional highchair, consider a space saver highchair - like this Rain forest™ Healthy Care™ Booster Seat. It simply attaches to a regular dining room chair to gain height, but has the benefits of a conventional highchair - like reclinable seat and adjustable tray. Plus, when your child is ready for a booster, you simple remove the tray and push the chair to the dining room table! One less thing to buy and a lot more space!

2. In the Living Room: Storage Ottoman or Coffee Table
I have a coffee table that opens on top, and I can store all sorts of things in there. When Keegan was younger we would put his toys in there. But now his toys live under the entertainment system, and we moved the DVDs and photo albums into the table. A softer option is a storage ottoman. They are wonderful, because if your child wobbles into one, they hit a cushion instead of a corner.

3. In the Bathroom: Frog Pod, Potty Bench and Space Saver
You can easily lose your guest bathroom to rubber duckies, foam alphabet letters and squirting fish! My friend Jen (hi Jen) uses the Boon Frog Pod to scoop up her toys, so they aren't milling all over the tub for guests to pick-up when they need to shower. (Sorry Jen!)

Boon also makes a potty bench, that features two enclosed side storage spaces to hold "potty training supplies". And when you close the lid, it acts as a wide, sturdy stool that toddlers can easily maintain their balance.

As for the myriad of bottles of bubble bath, shampoo and body soap - just tuck them out of the way with the Fisher-Price Bathroom Space Saver! It even folds, zips closed and has a handle for easy portability!

4. Kid's Bedroom: Animal Bag and Storage
I don't even want to attempt counting the boy's plush toys. And their favorite daily activity is to toss them all over the bedroom floor and... that's it. Then I have a gazillion soft, cuddly guys to put away. But imagine if you could tuck all those plush toys into one giant plush bag - Boon's Animal Bag! It comes in three sizes, depending on the plush animal population you are trying to control. Stick those softies in a bag and put them to use as a soft seat!

Another great space saver is a storage organizer. There are many different types and sizes. We have the wooden storage organizer that is 3 cubes across and 3 cubes high. Parts of it we use to hold books. Other portions hold boxes and bins with toys. You can even buy canvas storage bins that would fit perfectly and help tame the toy chaos.

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