Picture People: Sorry - No Santa Today

A lot of people I know usually have poor things to say about the chain photographers known as Picture People, usually referencing the quality of the photographers as being low-grade. But I actually liked the young staff, as they worked with the kids to make them smile. But I am FUMING right now for two THREE BIG REASONS.

ONE: A few weeks ago I received an e-mail about Santa being at the Picture People. I called to book an appointment for the weekend, but was told that Santa was only available Monday to Friday from from 6 to 8pm. VERY INCONVENIENT for kids on a schedule and people that work, but I booked my appointment since I had a coupon. I made my appointment two weeks in advance for a Friday at 7. My husband left work early to help.

We get to the mall and they tell me they tried calling me - but Santa is NOT there. Did something happen? No, he doesn't come on Fridays - only Monday to Thursday. Okay, are the hours for this Santa just getting more stupid? Plus, they TRIED calling? No one EVER left me a message. I imagine they called 15 minutes before the appointment when I was already on my way and hung up.

They wasted my time and my husband's time and took my children out of their schedule. I had already told my children they were visiting Santa. Yet, all the Picture People could tell me was, "Sorry, we can't just make Santa appear".

They then said I could come back Saturday and get a free pose. But, a few issues there.
  • Santa wasn't available on Saturdays according to the first employee.
  • I have to drag my kids out again, all dressed up.
  • Why could I only come on Saturday?
  • I already had plans for the weekend.
  • My husband was not exactly cool with the idea of EVER going to the Picture People again after they made him leave work early for NOTHING.
So, forget it. We ended up visiting the mall Santa, to keep my promise to my children. We got a cute picture of Keegan. Lochlan was upset, this being his first time seeing the man in red. And I have no need to see a Santa at the Picture People now.

TWO: Now, here is the SECOND reason I am fuming. I sent a letter to the Picture People after the incident and they never responded. BAD customer service overall! No wonder the employees there are idiots! It comes from the top!

So here is my thoughts on the Picture People. The employees are obviously poorly trained. They can't even book an appointment correctly. And the management really doesn't care if you had a good or bad experience, they just want the plastic in your wallet.

THREE: I wrote this post a while ago and debated about posting it. I decided if they resolved it, I would not post it since it proves they are not all buttheads. When I called them, a very nice associate did help me. But via e-mail today I got the STUPIDEST response from Picture People. I will post that tomorrow. Trust me. I NEED to post this now to warn EVERYONE that Picture People is run by IDIOTS.