Parenting Tip: Faux Sleepovers

A few weeks ago On the Verge was concerned about whether or not she should let her daughter attend a sleepover. Now, with a 2 year old and a 10 month old, I have not run into those problems yet. But I remembered an article I read about Faux Sleepovers that I mentioned to her. And I thought it was such a neat idea, I should buzz y'all on it too!

Faux Sleepovers have all the fun of a real sleepover, with none of the worries! What happens is the children all gather at the host's house and roll out their sleeping bags, wear their pjs, eat pizza and snacks, gossip, play games and whatever else happens at a sleepover. Then at a predetermined time, maybe 10 pm, the parents come and pick the kids up! So there is no "home-sick-I-want-my-bed" worries from the kiddos, and there are no "Oh-My-God-I-Left-My-Child-With-Virtual-Strangers" worries from the parents! Plus, it is a great way for children and parents to ease into the idea of real sleepovers.

So, maybe you are interested in hosting a Faux Sleepover for your child? There are three things you need.

First you need invitations. Choose a slumber party theme, make sure the pick-up time is BOLD and noticeable! You want to make sure the invitee's parents understand this is not for overnight. And make sure the guests know that they should bring sleeping bags, pjs and whatever else is essential for a sleepover!

Next, plan some games and entertainment! There are lots of slumber party ideas at Party 411!

Finally, snack and food! Pizza bites, cut out sandwiches with PB&J or cheese, popcorn, veggies and dip, fun shaped crackers, teddy grahams and sundaes come to mind!

I hope this helps some parents out! And as always, Happy Buzzing!