Paci-Plushies: Hush the Fussies

A few months ago my friend Jen was having trouble at night, because her daughter would lose her pacifiers and begin to fuss. Poor Jen would have to get up, find a pacifier in the dark and hope her daughter would fall back asleep easily. I did some research and found a pacifier holder that attaches to the crib and holds two pacifiers. In the middle of the night, all her daughter has to do is pluck a pacifier off the attachment and go back to sleep. An excellent idea for toddlers and some older babies, but what about a 6 month old who doesn't have that much dexterity? Well, say hello to Paci-Plushies!

Paci-Plushies are five adorable plush animals that have a silicone ring attached to hold your baby's favorite pacifier. The animals include:
  1. Paisley The Panda - a black and white panda
  2. Koko The Koala - a pink and white koala
  3. Cuddles The Cat - a pink and white cat
  4. P-Nut The Puppy - a blue and white puppy
  5. Milo The Monkey - a tan and brown monkey
Imagine my delight when Milo the Monkey came to pay a visit. He was approximately 5 inches long, slender, soft and cuddly. Keegan (2.5 years old) was immediately taken with the monkey, but he doesn't use a pacifier at night anymore. So, Milo went to Lochlan (10 months) for testing.

Milo comes with a Nookums pacifier (which is shaped like a Nuk), which is a different shape than Lochlan's favorite pacifier - a Mam. So we easily swapped pacifiers. Lochlan put the pacifier in his mouth upside down so that Milo was covering his face. Cute. Then he turned it around so that Milo dangled. Milo was light enough that Lochlan could suck his pacifier even with the added weight of Milo (who is feather light) . Later, Lochlan was on-the-move and left Milo and his pacifier ... somewhere. As I backtracked it was easy to spot Milo on the living room floor. And at night, Milo and Lochlan went down for the night. Milo stayed in the crib all night, his long body keeping him from falling out of the crib.

Paci-Plushies are suggested for ages 2 months and up. They can be used with ring handle and button pacifiers, but visit Paci-Plushies for a list of compatible pacifiers. Paci-Plushies are machine washable and meet or exceed all ASTMF 963-07 and 16CFR safety requirements. You can purchase them for only $9.99 from the Paci-Plushies website!

Overall, Milo is a welcome addition to the family! He would make a great baby shower gift, tucked into a diaper bag. And what an adorable Christmas Idea as a stocking stuffer for baby's first Christmas. And when it is time to wean your child from his pacifier, I think he will make a good transitional object. They might not have their pacifier anymore - but they will still have Milo or the Paci-Plushie of your choosing.