New Look: Bee-lieve Your Eyes!

I've had a few friends stop by and think, "Did I land on the right page?" But, when you see bees, you know you are at the Mom Buzz! I just recently decided to update my site to something fresh, fun, modern and cute! So I contacted a few blog designers to get quotes. The first one...I never heard from. The second took 2 weeks to respond! But when I e-mailed Rachel at Blog Candy Designs she was right on top of it. Plus, her prices were clear-as-day on her site. There was no mystery on how much this would cost.

The reason I e-mailed her was because I was IN AWE of her design for the Neurotic Mom. Yes, Rachel did that site too! Pretty awesome, eh? And she has a list of other sites she has worked on at her site, so you can get a feel for her ability to transition from different styles flawlessly. Modern, magazine, scrapbook or traditional - she can do it.

She was super professional during the entire design process and kept in touch via e-mail and twitter! And this site is the end result. Gorgeous, yes?

My site is all about providing the buzz on products, toys, health and mom-friendly tips. But, I think the meaning behind my site got lost in my dull colors. See my old header as an example.
I mean, it was semi-cute. But not cute enough. It spoke "wasp infestation" more than "mom buzz". So, if you think your blog needs a fresh new look, get in touch with Rachel and chat about what you are looking for. I am positive it will bee a buzzworthy experience!